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The Artists


Anthony Guerrero


“Anthony Guerrero is a 38 year old artist who has been studying multiple art medias for the last 20 years. His main focus over the last 8 years has been oil paint. His art is considered to be dark and intense but he himself considers his work to show dry humor. Anthony paints for therapeutic reasons and doesn’t take his work too seriously. He can be followed or reached on Instagram: @art_goyle”



“Art of all kinds speaks volumes to me, it has always been a tool that I’ve used to express myself and tell my story. I take photos to escape from the craziness of life and I draw/paint to express myself in a way that makes me feel free. When I hold my camera, a pencil or a paintbrush everything else in the world vanishes and I can slow my thoughts and just feel whatever it is I’m feeling. Art is power. IG: @ara_n_wonderland”



“I’m Lea, a French multi-media artist residing in New Hampshire. I am an oddities and curiosities collector and it translates in my art. I sculpt, I paint with oil or acrylic on canvas and I love painting skulls and bones. IG: @leanekoart”.

Amber and Randall Sevene


“Amber and Randall Sevene are a husband and wife multi media duo. Their artwork ranges from traditional oil painting to things such as fluid acrylic paintings, stickers and crystallized artwork.”

Sophia El-Hayek | Phenic natural skincare


“Our story at Phenic starts with Mediterranean olive oil; filled with skin healing nutrients and antioxidants, and an age old family recipe that was passed down through generations. My family in Lebanon has a grove of olive trees which are picked and pressed each year. We use the oil produced, “Liquid Gold” as our family secret to glowing Mediterranean skin. Our brand name Phenic, comes from Phoenician which describes the ancient Mediterranean people of Lebanon. The Phoenicians were merchants and traders sharing Mediterranean goods with the rest of the world. Following in this tradition, I want to share the wisdom of Lebanese skincare with the rest of the world.”

Brendan Lehman


“Similar to meditation, I treat the process of painting as a practice of self awareness by observing and re-creating that which each passing moment has to offer. Through sporadic brush strokes and scribbles, faces and figures begin to appear and an abstract narrative starts to form.

After experiencing the impact creating art has had on me, I’m driven to inspire others to act on their potential despite their fears and push forward despite their pain. I believe that by audaciously and genuinely following our individual passion, we are given an opportunity to attain a long-lasting sense of fulfillment: fulfillment that is brought through finding and expressing what is already inside us, rather than consuming more of what is not us.” IG: @Brendan_lehman

Daisy Hernandez


“I use painting as a form of visual storytelling, often stemming from my own childhood and adult experiences. As early as I can remember I was always fascinated with human behavior, existence, and my own intake of the world. Many of these subjects I was interested in I found difficult to explain in words, so I began drawing them instead. I was quickly told however that I should be drawing things that were more “pretty” like classic landscapes and portraits. Instead I did the opposite. My work takes on a more unconventional side of beauty that is represented through surreal and imaginative landscapes, figures, and faces. Just as creating work that is authentic to me has helped me discover who I Am as a person, I’m hoping viewers will experience the same feeling of discovery when I bring my ideas to life. I believe that there is an entire world of imagination that each of us has inside, but most are afraid of it, feel as though they’ve lost it, or don’t know how to show it. With my work my goal is to express this lost world while inspiring others to find theirs.“
IG: @daisy.art_hernandez

Amari Brows & Beauty


“Hey I’m Lexi, otherwise known as Amaribrowsandbeauty!

I am a creative who specializes in makeup and brows. I am also a small business owner based out of Westborough, Ma but I can be available for on-site makeup for bridal and boudoir shoots!

Being a part of big moments and why someone feels beautiful is why I do what I do!

Let’s make them all think you’re a walking filter.”
IG: @amaribrowsandbeauty



“Art allows wordless expression. It has given me freedom”
IG: @mintscondition

DesertBlooded Studio


Im an intuitive artist and native New Mexican, currently creating in New England! Beadwork, painting, & crafting were all passed down to me very early in life. Although DesertBlooded Studio is brand new, my creations are anything but-each idea is gifted to me through nature, my intuition and my ancestors. The absolute magic of the desert races through my blood and I can’t wait to share what’s special in DesertBlooded Studio! IG: @desertblooded



I’m Wolfman
The main focus of my work is to show the importance of our mental health and the reality of mental illness.
Expressing natural emotions.
I’ve always been an artist but have only been painting consistently for the past 3-4 years.
Creating artwork and finally taking my mental health seriously has changed my life in so many ways. I have anxiety, depression, PTSD and bipolar disorder.
Art helps!
Music helps!
Im currently located in Elmwood Park, NJ
Mental Health Matters!

IG: @wolfmanpaintings

Darrion Rose


Darrion Rose is a 27 year old, analog photographer from New England. With her interests being history, travel, the strange and the unusual. Her art is a place for her to express that without any boundaries. Darrion brings the lost and the forgotten to the front of her work as a means to bring light to the things some people may overlook on a daily basis.
IG: @overgrownroses

Vivacity Nutrition

Wellness & Nutrition Shop

“Founded in 2020, Vivacity was created during the peak of the pandemic to combat the mental and physical exhaustion medical personnel and many other essential professionals experienced during the intensity of this crisis. Vivacity is known for introducing gourmet protein shakes, revitalizing teas, and nutritional protein bites for fast and easy access during the busiest of schedules. Revolutionizing the way people enjoy nutritional products. All products are packed with daily essential vitamins and minerals to curb low energy. The best part? All of our products are low calorie and naturally sourced to reduce any occurrence of an afternoon crash. We take pride in our ability to create the most unique flavor blends in all of our gourmet products. We are so excited to spread, teach and encourage the expansion of mental wellness and physical health through our team of professionals. We are MORE than a nutrition shop – we serve as a resource for individuals seeking mental and nutritional clarity, all while supporting and motivating our clientele to achieve their goals. We encourage our customers to live life vivaciously. Visit us for endless smiles, positive vibrations and top-notch motivation! You won’t be disappointed.”



Kalypsoh is an oil painter/multi-media artist from Leominster, Massachusetts.

There is this ethereal place between the light and the dark that contains so much beauty and that is what Kalypsoh portrays in her art. She has work that has you acknowledging the fact that even in darkness there is beauty and that it’s part of what makes us human, it’s what makes us stronger and it’s what makes us appreciate the life we have.

Art is an escape, a visual journal, and an endless way to express feeling. It makes the world go ’round. IG: @kalypsohskreations

David King Art


David King is an artist/oil painter from Massachusetts. His works are often fantastic and elegant, revealing a kind of beauty behind the darkness. Although dark in nature, his work seems to highlight the better side of humanity showing commonalities between us and them. I feel in many of his artworks, it is the human essence and the struggle to accept our differences and shortcomings as humans that shines through. IG: @davidkingart

Wicked Crafty Witch


“Sam at Wicked Crafty With is a central Ma crafter who incorporates vulgar optimism and all things magic in her craft. Her hope is to open conversation, remove taboo from the mystical, and show everyone their inner basic witch”

Samuel Sjostedt


Samuel Sjosdet is a multi-instrumentalist and composer from Rutland, Massachusetts. Specializing in music from Armenia, Anatolia and the middle east, Samuel has distinguished himself as an accomplished Oud and Duduk player in the greater Boston and Worcester areas. He has studied with the greatest maestros of the Middle East including Simon Shaheen and John Berberian. Samuel will be releasing an EP of original works this upcoming summer.

American Bones Photography


New England photographer Josh Williams aims to capture a moment, a feeling, a desire, with human honesty. Focusing on creative portraits that range from the absurd to the sensual you can find him in a studio, trudging through the woods, or stalking the city streets looking for inspiration. He can be followed and contacted through Instagram: @american_bones_photography

Sweets By Seanna


“Hi! Im Seanna, the one behind Sweets
By Sean! I have always had a passion for making sweet treats for friends and family. My husband finally convinced me to start doing it for others too! I am self taught, specializing in customized chocolate dipped treats – cocoa bombs, cake pops & more!
IG: @sweetsbyseannab”

Junior Benevides


“IG: @junbugg101”

KTB Pottery


“Hello, my name is Katie Brunette and I am ceramic artist from Central Mass. I work with slipcast pieces that function for use in daily life. The creativity and expression that comes with this art form is so calming and rewarding. Pieces range from detail food images to hand built Monstera leaf bowls, the possibilities are endless! I always hope my pieces evoke some kind of feeling, that is the purpose of my art.” IG: @ktbpottery

Abigail Wolf


“I am proud to craft in the age of mass production. Machines produce with perfection and speed but they cannot create with artistry. My work celebrates my connection to a lineage of craftspeople making beautiful, handmade objects that enrich everyday life.

I am inspired by patterns in nature, random repetition and happy accidents. I’m a little obsessed with the expressiveness of form and the harmony between surface, shape and color. Every piece is a new exploration in beauty and function that is the heart of

Ceramics is an ancient art form, connecting the basic needs of cooking and eating with innate human creativity. I’m so happy that my work can be part of your celebrations and daily life.
IG: @abbythrowsthings

Rae Designs


“My name is Ashley, owner + maker of all things RD. I am a FT mama of 3, and MFH in the administrative field. All pieces are hand poured resin and assembled in the corner of my sunroom. Forever a lover of black and white pieces, but appreciate a good pop of some bold color. You can expect to find a variety of designs and styles with all of my pieces for yourself or littles.
IG: @_rae.designs”


Traditional and custom bone carvings. 

A bone carving is unique piece of personal art.

To the Maoris’, a Bone Carving is held in high regard, worn with respect, and given and received with love. It embraces the spirit of those who give, receive or wear it. and is often passed down through the generations.

All Bone Carvings are designed and created by local artisan, and New Zealand native, Te Ngere Russell Pehi.

Learn more at

Rene Sorette


An artist his entire life, Rene Sorette, is the owner, and imaginatively creative mind behind The Gate Escape, a live action experience Escape room.  A great team building activity, and so fun to do with family and friends.

Visit The Gate Escape to learn more.

Infinite Dezine


Kim Pehi has been growing plants her entire life.  With a special focus on sucuclents, she enjoys pairing each plant with her handmade pots, creating unique pieces of living art. 

Wildflower Apotheca


“welcome to the wildflower apotheca, a woman owned and operated small business located in central massachusetts. here you can find a curated collection of earth derived goods handmade with intention by us and ethically sourced from other women across the country. from natural wellness/self care products to simple accessories and home goods for the every day, we hope to create options that suit the needs of everyone. there are so many things we enjoy in life but something we enjoy the most is meeting and connecting with you. whether you’re coming back for more (thank you!) or just discovering what we’ve got to offer — thank you for choosing us. now, let’s get to the good part…IG: @wildflowerapotheca”



“AV-8 is a hip-hop artist and producer that has his roots within spoken-word poetry and art. Having been involved with the local scene for years in various forms, he has recently expanded to from Respected Rejects LLC, to further showcase not only his music, but other artists’ work that he feels resonates with his vision. Common themes within the work he presents involve dark subjects such as mental illness & addiction, but also how to overcome them; wanting to bring more awareness to it as well as express those experiences through many mediums”

Jeff Demers


“When it comes to photography, Jeff Demers isn’t a gear snob. He doesn’t geek out over the newest DSLRs, and he doesn’t really care about the shiny new toys being unveiled at CES every year. What DOES excite Jeff, however, is capturing the perfect moment in time. Photography’s never been a hobby for Jeff…it’s a compulsion, an obsession even. His need to connect with and photograph people is insatiable, and with a style that is equal parts simple, beautiful, classic, and real, Jeff not only strives to find the perfect shot, but to draw something out of each client that he or she may not have known was there—all to create a beautiful memory that will last a lifetime.
Jeff started his career over 20 years ago as a fashion photographer at a major Boston department store, a position that saw him collaborate closely with art directors and designers to create beautiful, eye-catching ads. Since then, Jeff’s established himself as respected freelance photographer, and his simple approach to photography lets him break through the technical constraints that bog down many photographers, allowing him to create everything from alluring portraits to robust product shots, and everything in between. And ever the consummate professional, Jeff knows the job is never done when the camera’s back in its bag—no matter the client, he devotes all his passion and energy to each project he accepts, creating a seamless, stress-free experience from initial consultation to final photo delivery”
IG: @jeffdemersphoto

Harpers House of Designs


“My name is Misti, Im the creator behind Harpers House of Designs. Im a full time wife, mother, and art teacher. At night and on my free time is when I get to let my dreariness side flow. I like to create whimsical, ethereal, and nature inspired jewelry and home decor. I use crystals, semi-precious stones and dried/preserved flowers in my art. Everything is hand crafted with love and good intentions. IG: @harpershouseofdesigns”

Azoh Arts


Yo! Im Jose but everyone calls me Azoh. Im a 23 year old painter based out of Fitchburg, Ma. My work is all anime inspired but I’m working towards growing and learning different mediums as well. Hoe you like what you see!

Bear Bones Sculpture


Steel SculptureS made in Fitchburg, MA/div>

The Bean Sproutz


“Hi! We are The Bean Sproutz. A Fitchburg born and raised duo, who started our journey of creating in our three “Sproutz” nursery’s. We are makers of all the wooden things; from earrings, to ornaments, to signs, to home decor. We would love to take your vision and make it a reality!
IG: @the_bean_sproutz”



“I’m Syd, Im a 22 year old tattoo artist based out of Acton, MA. Ive been in the industry since 2017 and have been tattooing needle-to-skin since 2019. Aside from tattoos, I create in other ways ranging from digital art – to painting – to being in front of the camera. Creating gives me a way to express myself through what I do, all whilst impacting positivity on someone else. Its a privilege to love your job and I feel lucky to be able to share it. IG: @sydsexhibit

RiverStyx Brewing

We’re  a family run business located inFitchburg. Our main focus is using quality ingredients to make high quality beer. Our taproom is family friendly, and we encourage you to bring your kids and dogs along to play some of our many games!

Merrick Henry


“Merrick Henry is a recording artist and the current CFO of The Zen Den Studios, a production company in Fitchburg, MA. He is very grateful to have such a wonderful team behind him to help create whatever art he wants. He draws inspiration from some of the biggest pop music acts in the world like Justin Timberlake, Jason Derulo, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande and Britney Spears to name a few.

Merrick has and continues to explore what it means to put your whole self into your art and is thrilled to be bringing that flare to the OTHERWORLD stage! IG: @herrickmenry