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The Artists


Cocoon and Chrysalis


My name is Isabelle and I am the hands behind Cocoon & Chrysalis. I began working with butterfly wings and florals in 2019, making art for myself and as gifts for friends and family. In February 2020, I decided to give this a try and created my business, previously named Frames By Isabelle. My techniques have advanced over the last three years and I am constantly looking to perfect my skills when creating these pieces. The butterflies and other specimens come from many different places: I find them on nature walks, purchase from ethically sourced vendors, or they are found and given to me by friends and family. I am always looking for new ways to display and honor earths many elements. For me this is a way to connect with and pay tribute to mother nature. As a child and now as an adult, the earth and its many wonders have always and continue to mesmerize me and I am grateful I can create art that honors it. IG:@CocoonAndChrysalis



Kalypsoh is an oil painter/multi-media artist from Massachusetts.

There is this ethereal place between the light and the dark that contains so much beauty and that is what Kalypsoh portrays in her art. She has work that has you acknowledging the fact that even in darkness there is beauty and that it’s part of what makes us human, it’s what makes us stronger and it’s what makes us appreciate the life we have.

Art is an escape, a visual journal, and an endless way to express feeling. It makes the world go ’round. IG: @kalypsoh

David King Art


David King is an artist/oil painter from Massachusetts. His works are often fantastic and elegant, revealing a kind of beauty behind the darkness. Although dark in nature, his work seems to highlight the better side of humanity showing commonalities between us and them. I feel in many of his artworks, it is the human essence and the struggle to accept our differences and shortcomings as humans that shines through. IG: @davidkingart

Per Aspera ad Inferi Art


Anthony Guerrero is a 39 year old artist who has been studying multiple art mediums for the last 20 years. His main focus over the last 8 years has been oil painting. His art is considered to be dark and intense but he himself considers his work to show dry humor. Anthony paints for therapeutic reasons and doesn’t take his work too seriously. He can be followed or reached on Instagram @Art_goyle.

Kt B Pottery


My name is Katie and I am a local ceramics artist. I love working with clay. Its so calming and rewarding to build something beautiful from a ball of clay.
From making my own plaster molds to creating beautiful works on the wheel, anything goes with clay!
Creating is my passion and I love that I am in a place in my life to have this opportunity to share my work with people.

IG: ktbpottery

Edge The Sketch


I started learning crochet in late April and I haven’t been able to put it down, even the pain in my hands hasn’t deterred me. While I can’t read a pattern currently I do have a knack for freehanding nearly anything I look at! Now after years of illustration I’m now a self declared fiber artist and love every minute. IG: @edgethesketch

Junior’s fine art


Born in 1977 In Fortaleza Brazil and migrated to USA in 2001 I’ve been exploring with paintings and drawing since early days ,self thought and later with a degree In Fine arts by mwcc I explore classical ideals of still life introducing an comtemporary look for a modern audience IG:@Junbugg101




Darrion is an analog photographer based out of New England. Darrion brings the lost and the forgotten to the front of her work as a means to bring light to the things that some may overlook on a daily basis.


Della Luna Arts


Lucia Della Luna’s handmade prints are inspired by nature and the supernatural. Each design has being created and hand carved before printing on handmade lotka paper or cloth.

Ara n Wonderland


As a child growing up was very different than the usual. I wasnt really allowed to express myself the way my peers could. One thing I always had though, was a pen and paper. I would draw and forget about everything. Eventually, it progressed to photography, capturing a moment in time and then it turned into recreating a moment. So as you can see, art for me is everything, its everywhere and it is power.

Somerville Divine Arts


Somerville Divine Arts is run by Taryn, a queer witch who creates handmade resin products and shares her passions of the beauty of crystals, the metaphysical, and all things sparkly with all who stop by her tables. Whether your a newbie, a skeptic, or well-versed in the metaphysical, she will happily chat with you about the things that she loves.

Art on the Rocks


Stacey Sparrow is the owner and lead instructor at Art on the Rocks, in Leominster MA. Stacey has been teaching art for all ages in central ma for the past 22 years.

Well Rooted


Hello I’m Jenny I started this business a little over a year ago I decided to pursue my passion of crafting as well as my love of crystals and chose to combine the two!



Alexa creates visual connections between the human experience and nature by combining aspects of humanity with natural elements in ways we wouldn’t normally see in day-to-day life. She explores her imagination and hones in on similarities and contrasts. Her paintings range from surreal to entirely abstract. Her personal influence stems from art’s impact on her as well as time spent exploring both cities and nature, the emotions they evoke, and her unique perspective as a correctional mental health counselor. Inspiration comes from anything from someone’s dress as they walk by to a plant by the river on a rainy-day hike. When looking at a piece of artwork, people leave the present (even if only for a moment) forgetting what’s around them and entering a new realm of possibility; They’re only focus is seeing the artwork and understanding it by connecting it to something within their life. Art provides a route of expression that is entirely unique to the individual, but can evoke emotions and connections with others. Alexa’s work has provided a therapeutic outlet for her through the process of physically creating. Her artwork is not pre-sketched or planned out on canvas. Instead, it’s created as a journey, with layer after layer of paint slowly forming shapes and colors. Currently, Alexa incorporates different forms of art into group and individual therapy in her career. Whether just taking it in or actually creating it, art provides a peak into an individual’s mind that can’t quite be captured with words.
IG: @alexasartworks

Bone Dezine


The Māori have a great respect for nature and have many legends about the creation of the earth and all its inhabitants.
Many of these legends revolve around the spirits or gods who created or protect each part of their world such as the mountains, the forests, the lakes and the creatures of the sea.
Most carvings combine elements from several areas of mythology which interact with each other to tell a story.
Each element has its own specific meaning and the way they are portrayed or combined is what gives a carving its own special character.
The meanings of some elements vary from region to region but all share common roots.

MegMegs creations


Single mom of two, picked up crafts as a hobby and fell in love with it

Simply Made Cakes & Bakes




Mints is a photographer from Massachusetts.

Through all the emotion i have had in my life, creating has been the words i hvae never been able to say. A wordless form of expression that allows me to share with and relate to others.



I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t creating something. After years of self medicating, self sabotage, stubbornness and ultimately hitting rock bottom. I finally started taking my Mental health seriously. Everything changed. I paint every day now. It’s my therapy. It’s my dream. I try my best to promote kindness, self love and understanding. I’m self taught. Based out of New Jersey, Close to NYC. I want to help others. People need to know that they’re not alone.

Money-ca Makes


Monica Kwan (she/her) is an independent artist from Central Massachusetts who blends bold and whimsical imagery with a touch of dark surrealism. Her primary medium is acrylic paint, but also illustrates with marker and ink.

Monica’s work is bright and psychedelic, but also celebrates the beauty in darkness and imperfection. She is inspired by a variety of subjects such as nature, space, anatomy, and vintage aesthetics.

Stefanie Bruinsma


Stefanie Bruinsma, I’m 32 and a mix media artist and crafter. I’m an early childhood educator. I use my childhood experience and my obsession with lines, patterns, shapes and my obsession with color to create. The human experience, supporting the environment, animals, bugs, the ocean, the woods & science are big interests of mine. My grandma Audrey was a 3rd grade teacher and is part of many pieces I make. She taught me cursive and I use similar techniques from that in my art.

American Bones Photography


Photographer based out of Leominster, MA. Focused on creative portraits and anything that catches my eye. I love collaborating and getting the most out of every experience.

Two Moons Bakery


Hiya! My names Meg, I’ve been baking since I could stand, my mother is a cake artist and I pulled so much knowledge and ideas from watching her. I attended culinary school after high school where I specialized in baking, I’ve worked in various culinary institutions and restaurants, but always came back to baking. The art you can create with a little flour and sugar is something that amazes me everytime with my bakes.