@ the gate escape (375 Harvard street, Leominster, Ma)


-Cleanup 12am-1am OR following morning 9-11am

-Booths are approximately 8×8 ‘ and themed. you can bring a table and display work however you please as long as it doesn’t go outside of your booth space! (I will have art grids and drywall displays for visual artists, I recommend either framing and hanging with S hooks and or Velcro DIY, if you need framing and hanging advice, dm me.)

-Liquor and food details are not yet finalized but I will let you know ASAP.

-Incredible lighting provided throughout venue.

-Please let me know what you need for electrical. Lights, digital displays, etc. outlets are limited so the more battery operated things, the better!

-Each artist can have 1 person there for free entry to help set up and load supplies, just let me know their name when you figure it out!

-Each artist is responsible for selling at least 5 tickets @ $15 each in order to participate in the showcase. let me know if  you have any concerns about this!

-If you reach 20 personal ticket sales you will receive 20% of those total sales!

-if you want to check out the venue anytime between now and the show let me know and we can plan a time!

-you will be able to set up for the show between 12pm-4pm before the show begins. You must be set up and in the building by 4pm.

-between 4:30-6 I would love to have all artists gather and browse each other’s work and toast to the badass artists we’ve all grown to be before the show begins.

-I’ll have an ‘otherworld’ sign over the doorway so everyone is aware of the entrance and I would tell you guys and your ticket holders to “follow the blue orbs” to help find the way to the parking lot.

-I will have security/police detail there keeping an eye on things but you are in charge of your space and I am not responsible for anything that happens to your belongings.

-artist advice: have business cards made, have your social media advertised, host a possible giveaway during the evening by having people write their names and numbers down and picking a winner and making sure they follow you to be eligible, collect an email list, create a sign with your artist name so people can find you! Have Venmo, square, cash setup so you can successfully make sales!

-if you want to create live during the showcase dm me so we can plan accordingly

-every week I will be showcasing work from all of you on our event page on IG (@otherworldartshowcase) let me know if you have any specific requests.

-10% of ALL proceeds will be donated to ‘Michael’s run’ in support of mental health awareness

-please let me know if you have any questions! You can ask here if you think everyone would benefit but if it is personal I ask that you dm me separately!